Disa Road Primary School, Strand (In Construction)

About The School

Disa Road Primary School, designed by 2 AD Space Architects Inc., is currently undergoing construction in Altena Road, Strand, Cape Town. The school of aproximately 5600m² will accommodate 1240 learners and is planned to be occupied in early 2020.

The total building area (including structure and circulation) will be approx. 5600m². Accommodation included is 4x Grade R Classrooms, 12 Foundation Phase Classrooms, 12 Intermediate Phase Classrooms, 4 Senior Phase Classrooms, 2x Multi-Purpose Classrooms, a Science Lab, A Multi-Media Centre, Administration Building and Hall, together with ablutions and ancillary functions.

Given the relatively small site the proportions of a sport field were constrained, thus a “kick-about” field is planned, together with PT slabs in the school’s courtyards.