Louwville High School, Vredenburg

African Design Magazine Feature

“The concept for the Louwville High School by 2AD Space Architects Inc. in the Western Cape is closely linked to its context: a series of orthogonal buildings, interspersed with interesting shapes that create interest and points of reference. Conceptually, these points of interest represent the boulders that are often found dotting the West-coast landscape. The school consists of five blocks which include 38 classrooms and eight offices, all situated around three courtyards. The construction of the school around the courtyards provides children with a sheltered space from the harsh Vredenburg environment, offering relief from wind and sand.”
– African Design Magazine –

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Transworks Newsletter Feature

“The new R50 million Department of Transport and Public Works Louwville High School project has been awarded the Cape Institute for Architecture (CIfA) award for architecture. This award celebrates the way project architects 2-AD Space Architects Inc. were able to deliver a high-quality design solution that effectively responds to the context of the site. The new school complex replaces a number of temporary school structures.”
– Transworks Newsletter volume 3 | 2018/19 –

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2017 CIFA Award For Architecture

Conceptual Flythrough

Completed Drone Flythrough